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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Freedom, Order, & Equality

Homework due Thursday: Read 36-50 in Janda and take the reading quiz

Homework due Wednesday:Read background articles on pluralism and elite theory. Take notes over the reading including a one sentence summary of each theory and supporting points. Write down questions you have about the articles.

Due Monday: Campaign Paper Guidelines

Identification Terms: Chapter 1 & 2

Today we are going to look at the competing values of freedom, order and equality.

IDEAlog Quiz

Freedom, Order, or Equality
Read each statement carefully.  Evaluate whether the statement as worded is promoting the value of freedom, order, or equality.

1.    The death penalty is an effective deterrent to crime and is necessary for justice to be served.

2.   The government should encourage, rather than restrict school-led prayer.

 3.   Victimless crimes such as prostitution and recreational drug use should be legalized.

 4.   Students have a right to privacy and school officials do not have a right to search student lockers.

 5.   The flag is more than a piece of cloth.  It represents our country and people should not be allowed to mistreat it.

 6.   Affirmative action programs encourage equality of all and are necessary to rectify past mistreatment of minority groups.

 7.   The Supreme Court should uphold the Roe v. Wade decision and keep abortion legal in the United States.

 8.   The individual is basically responsible for his or her own well being, so the government should not provide welfare to the poor.

 9.   Illegal immigrants are a burden to our society and economy and should be deported immediately.

 10.   The federal government should guarantee the rights of homosexuals, including gay marriage. This includes wedding cakes, but NOT birthday cakes. That's an entirely different matter.

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