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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Voter ID Laws

HW due Wednesday: Read 205-224 and take the reading quiz.

Today we are looking at whether or not the recent trend of states adopting voter ID laws are more likely to prevent voter fraud or result in decreased voting among certain segments of our society. 

For the first part of class, please read the following articles on Voter ID laws and watch the videos. Feel free to conduct your own research if you finish early. Please take note of the main arguments both for and against voter ID laws.

The last half of class we will discuss/debate the whether or not voter ID laws are a good idea.

As November Approaches, Courts Deal Series of Blows to Voter ID Laws

Are Voter ID Laws Constitutional? And Are They a Good Idea?

Voter ID Would Protect Voter's Rights, Not Inhibit Them

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Kansas

good overview of the states with voter ID laws and their requirements.

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