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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The NRA: The Power & Politics of Interest Groups

Tomorrow is the FRQ section of the midterm. You will answer one of the five questions that I gave you last week. Here are some tips on how to answer FRQ questions:

One of the largest and most successful interest groups in the United States is the NRA. Despite the recent mass shootings in the US, the NRA has successfully blocked repeated attempts to enact stricter laws regulating gun use.

Frontline has an excellent documentary on the rise of the NRA as a political force and its actions in response to tragedies at Columbine High School and Sandy Hook elementary.

The Washington Post has a good infographic that demonstrates the NRA's use of money in electing pro-gun rights members to Congress.

1. Vox: Why the NRA is so Powerful

2. Washington Post: NRA Tactics-Take No Prisoners

3. CBS News and the Politics of Gun Control.

4. This Week: How the NRA Won

5. NY Times: Inside the Power of the NRA

Using the above information, explain three different tactics/reasons that the NRA utilizes to help explain its success.

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