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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Analyzing Voter Behavior

HW for Wednesday: Read 126-136 and take the reading quiz. Remember to put your hour # before your last name with no space (ex. 2Gates)

HW for your parents! Please have them take either the Pew Typology Quiz or the Idealog quiz and share their results with you. Record their ideology in your notes. How does it compare to yours?We will talk about the results and political socialization in class Thursday.

Liberal/Conservative T-Chart Review

Here are the results from our Pew Typology quiz from yesterday. For more detailed responses, please click here. Pew Research also has a great analysis of the different typologies and their different voting behavior.

You can see the demographic differences between the different typology groups here. We can also compare how the typologies differ on different issues.

Let's take a closer look at some of these typologies and how they impact behavior. Read this article on how typologies differ based on age. How do the typologies change as people age?

Generally speaking, liberals tend to vote Democrat while conservatives are most likely to vote Republican. Based on the 2012 Presidential election exit poll data, analyze the voting behavior and political ideology of the following groups and/or differences. For longitudinal data, check out the NY Times exit poll data from 1972-2008.

Answer the following questions based on the data below:

1. Gender--what are the voting differences between men and women?
2. Race--What voting differences exist among African American, White, Latino,  and Asian groups?
3. Education--How does education affect voter behavior?
4. Income--How does income affect voter behavior?
5. Religion--What voting differences exist based on religious beliefs?
6. Region--Are there certain areas of the country that are more liberal/conservative?

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