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Friday, August 26, 2016

Political Ideology Quiz #1

Over the next week, we will be looking at political ideology, political socialization, and public opinion. There are two main ideologies--liberal and conservative. However, there are other lesser known ideologies and variances among liberals and conservatives.

Today we are going to take the first of several ideology quizzes.

IDEAlog instructions:
1.  Go the the IDEAlog web site
2.  Click on Self Test (You may have to take the tutorial first)
3.  Read the introduction
4.  Read the tutorial
5.  Take the quiz

6.  Record your ideology by creating a matrix (see below) and placing a dot on the graph on where you fell in the matrix.
7.  Answer the questions below:
  • Which did you value more, freedom or order?
  • Which did you value more, freedom or equality?
  • According to IDEAlog, what political ideology do you have? 
  • Describe that ideology.  Do you think it is correct in its description of your beliefs?

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