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Friday, September 2, 2016

How Does Public Opinion Shape Public Policy?

Task #1: Questions to consider:

1. Which branch should be most responsive to public opinion--legislative, executive, or judicial? Why? Which one should be least responsive to public opinion?

2. Which branch is most responsible for shaping public opinion? How is this branch able to do so?

3. Which branch is most likely to be limited by public opinion? Why?

4. Look at the chart below. What events impacted Bush's approval ratings? How do approval ratings impact his ability to govern?

Task #2: Read one of the two articles below on the effects of public opinion on the Supreme Court and the Presidency.

Task #3: Identification Terms-check out the identification terms for this unit. For terms you are unfamiliar with, look up the definitions online. Create a Quizlet set to review.

A few videos:

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