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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Campaign Finance (cont)

Quiz over Campaigns and Elections tomorrow!

Yesterday, you looked at the recent history of government regulation of campaign finance through both legislative acts (FECA, BCRA) and Supreme Court decisions (Buckley v. Valeo, Citizens United, etc). Today we are going to look at some more information and examples of the role of money in elections.

First, take a look at the Bloomberg Politics Election 2016 money tracker.

What are three things that stand out to you or have questions on?

With the Court's decision in Citizens United, the rise of SuperPACs has increased. Two of the most important in the 2012 election were Restore our Future and Priorities USA Action.  Look at these two SuperPACs and come up with at least two similarities and two differences.

Priorities USA is still active in 2016. Here is one of their ads:

More videos can be found on their YouTube channel.

Looking at the 2016 election, who is winning the money race? The NY Times is keeping track. And this website shows which SuperPACs are aligned with each candidate.

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