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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Articles of Confederation

Homework for Tuesday: Read 53-63 in Janda and take the reading quiz.

We've declared our independence and won the war against England. Now what? During the Revolutionary War, a new document was created designed to help organize the states and coordinate their efforts against England. This document, the Articles of Confederation, lasted less than a decade before being replaced by our current Constitution. Despite its failures, much can be learned from the Articles.

Key Questions:
1. What was the basic structure of government under the Articles of Confederation? What did the government look like?

2. What were the weaknesses under the Articles of Confederation?

3. How does Shays' Rebellion illustrate the problems under the Articles and lead to the Constitutional Convention?

After watching these videos, write down what the government structure looked like under the Articles of Confederation. You should have at least three key points about the government.

Next, go to this webpage and read about the failures under the Articles of Confederation. Create a t-chart with the first column labeled Weaknesses under the Articles and the second column titled Constitutional Fixes. Fill in the first column with the weaknesses described from the website. We'll fill in the other side later this week.

Additional readings for more understanding:

Boundless: Articles of Confederation and Powers Under the Articles

OpenStax: Articles of Confederation

Lumens: Articles of Confederation

Constitution Center: 10 Reasons Why the Articles of Confederation Failed

Another video by HipHughes to review the Articles:

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