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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Constitutional Convention

The Articles of Confederation was clearly failing and Shays' Rebellion highlighted the problems the new government was having. As a result, Congress authorized states to send delegates in the summer of 1787 to Philadelphia to revise the Articles. This became known as the Constitutional Convention and led to the creation of the world's longest lasting written constitution. Central to the convention was the series of compromises made by the delegates to help achieve consensus.

Key Questions:
1. What were the key differences between the Virginia and New Jersey plans?
2. How did the Great Compromise solve the dilemma of representation?
3. How was the issue of slavery handled at the convention? How did that impact the future of our country?

Here's a Crash Course video on the compromises made at the Convention:

Another video focusing on the representation and slavery compromises:

Here's a Hip Hughes video on the Convention:

Here are a few more websites on the Constitutional Convention:

How did compromises help create a more unified nation at the Constitutional Convention?

Exploring Constitutional Conflicts: The Constitutional Convention

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Constitutional Rights Foundation: The Major Debates at the Constitutional Convention

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