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Friday, November 11, 2016

Types of Government (Part 1)

Homework for Monday: Read pg. 1-10 in Janda and complete the reading quiz.

Today we are looking at various forms of government found throughout the world. First, discuss this question with your group:

It does not matter what type of government is in place as long as the citizens are well-fed, healthy and safe. Agree or disagree?

There are many ways to classify government systems, but the most common method was developed by Aristotle that is based on the number of rulers. However, you can also classify governments based on where power is located (national vs. state) or based on the relationship between the legislative and executive branches. The types of government that we are going to look at today are:

  • Anarchy
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Confederal
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Dictatorship
  • Direct Democracy
  • Federal
  • Oligarchy
  • Parliamentary
  • Presidential
  • Plutocracy
  • Republic
  • Theocracy
  • Unitary
Please make a copy of  this document and fill out the charts describing/explaining each system of government and provide examples (either historic or modern day) of each. Use the videos and readings/links below to help you.

Forms of Government

Systems of Government

What is the difference between presidential and parliamentary systems?


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