Friday, October 7, 2016

Why a Two-Party System?

Who are Mike Smith, Alyson Kennedy, and Rocky De La Fuente, Darrell Castle, and Evan McMullin?

Reading: 241-249 in Janda

Learning Standard:
LO 4.C.3 Explain how structural barriers impact third-party and independent-candidate success

Question of the day:
  • Why do we have a two-party system?

The United States has historically had a two-party system while almost every other country has a multi-party system. Why is that? While the US does have other smaller parties that nominate candidates, they rarely achieve any sort of electoral success. Today we are going to try and answer the question: Why a Two-Party System?

Your task:
1. Using the resources (articles and videos) below, try to figure out why a two-party dominates our political system. Take note of the various reasons (should be able to find 3-5) and be able to explain them. (30 minutes)

2. Discuss with your group members the reasons you found. Help each other understand the each of the reasons. (15 minutes)


1. Why the Same Two-Parties Dominate our Two-Party System

2. SparkNotes: Two Party System

3. Why Only Two Parties?

4. OpenStax 9.2 Two Party System

5. Washington Post: Why Are There Only Two Parties in American Politics?

Videos for Review: