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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Federalism: Day 1

HW for Friday: Read 92-102 and take the reading quiz. All reading quizzes will be disabled the day of the chapter quiz. Any quizzes not completed at that time will be entered as a zero.

Federalism Unit and Identification Terms

Check for understanding: Analyze each scenario and determine which power (Expressed/Delegated, Implied, Inherent, Concurrent, or Reserved) is being used.

__________________ 1. A worker pays federal and state income taxes.

__________________ 2. The United States declares war on Japan.

__________________ 3. A lawyer who wants to practice in Texas must first pass the state's bar exam.

__________________ 4. Toys containing lead are banned from the United States.

__________________ 5. Racial segregation in hotels and restaurants is prohibited by the federal government.

__________________ 6. President Obama gives the State of the Union address.

__________________ 7. Missouri decided to set aside 500 acres for a new wildlife reservation.

__________________ 8. Hawaii became a state in 1959.

__________________ 9. A person must be at least 18 to marry without parental consent in Illinois.

__________________ 10. After Hurricane Katrina, the US and Louisiana issue bonds to help pay for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

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