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Monday, February 13, 2017

Gerrymandering Activity

HW due Tuesday: Read 337-345 and take the reading quiz.

On Friday, we learned about how elected officials will often draw districts (redistricting) in a partisan manner, commonly referred to as gerrymandering. Today you will have the opportunity to put your gerrymandering skills to the test.

Task #1: Gerrymandering (paper activity)
1. Write your name and political party (either Stellar or Galaxy) at the top of the page.
2. Your task is to create ten districts.
3. Each district must have exactly ten dots, no more, no less.
4. Try to have your party be the majority in as many districts as possible through gerrymandering.
5. Label each district with either an S or G, depending on what party has a majority.
6. Districts must be contiguous.
7. All dots and spaces must be in a district.
Tip: Use a pencil!

Task #2: Gerrymandering--The Redistricting Game
1. Go to the Redistricting Game website.
2. Click "Play the Game"
3. Start with Mission Two (either Basic or Advanced) Partisan Gerrymander
4. Your goal is to create three districts (out of four) that favor your political party.
5. Remember to keep the population in each district relatively equal.
6. Once you successfully complete that mission, try Mission Four. This mission requires you to not only gerrymander based on party, but also includes racial/ethnic considerations in trying to create a majority-minority district.

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