Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bureaucratic Reform

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Midterm Exam Thursday & Friday!

There are many criticisms and complaints about the federal government bureaucracy. People believe that it is too vast and overreaching, inefficient, and rigid. Today, we will look at some of those criticisms and efforts to reform the bureaucracy.

First, read this editorial on The Rise of the Fourth Branch of Government.
What is the author's main point? What supporting arguments does he make in his critique?

President Trump, like many past presidents, wants to significantly reform the bureaucracy. This task is not easily accomplished. Read this article on the importance of the bureaucracy and the difficulty in reforming it.

Why is bureaucratic cooperation so vital to the presidency?

Who regulates our food? It may not be such a simple answer.

Reforming the Bureaucracy

SparkNotes: Reforming the Bureaucracy

ThisNation.com: Reforming Bureaucracy

Gingrich: Wage a straight-out "war" on the federal bureaucracy

Monday, March 19, 2018

Iron Triangles: Bureaucracy & Interest Groups

In addition to Congress and the President, the bureaucracy is also influenced by the role of interest groups. Two common ways of looking at the relationship between interest groups and bureaucracy are iron triangles and issue networks.

Key Questions:

  • What are the three points of the iron triangle?
  • How does each party benefit from the iron triangle?
  • How does the iron triangle affect policy-making?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bureaucracy and the Purpose of Government

Midterm Next Week!

The preamble of the Constitution states the purposes of government. Specifically, it lists:

  • establish justice
  • insure domestic tranquilty
  • provide for the common defense
  • promote the general welfare
  • secure the blessings of liberty

How does the federal bureaucracy work to fulfill these stated goals?  For each of above listed purposes, find at least five different bureaucratic agencies that help meet those purposes. Write down the names of the agencies for each purpose and EXPLAIN how it helps to fulfill that goal.

You can find a listing of federal bureaucratic agencies here or here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Types of Bureaucracies

Quiz over Bureaucratic Agencies tomorrow!

The federal bureaucracy is a complex, hierarchical structure that consists of hundreds of individual departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, etc. Today, we will look at how to organize the various bureaucracies. The main ways to classify bureaucracies are departments, independent regulatory agencies, and government corporations.

For Review:

The Bureaucracy: How is it Structured?

The Organization of the Bureaucracy

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bureaucracy Basics

Quiz over Bureaucratic Agencies on Wednesday!

Today, we begin our look at the federal bureaucracy and how it works to implement legislation passed by Congress or executive orders from the President. Our main questions for today are:

  • What is the federal bureaucracy?
  • What has led to the growth of the federal bureaucracy?
  • What does the appointment process look like for the federal bureaucracy?

How the Trump Era is Changing the Federal Bureaucracy

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bureaucratic Agencies

Presidency Quiz Tomorrow!

HW due Monday: Read 393-402 
HW for Wednesday: Read 402-409 in Janda
HW for Monday: Read 409-418 in Janda

The bureaucracy is the part of the government (executive branch) that is responsible for enforcing and implementing the laws. There are various agencies, bureaus, departments, and commissions that have been established over the years to carry out these various tasks. Today, you will look at some of the more well known and relevant bureaucracies in our federal government.

Make a copy of this Google Document and fill in the appropriate information. You should be able to correctly describe/identify the policy area and types of legislation that the bureau/agency deals with. There will be a quiz over these bureaucracies on Tuesday!

If you finish early, you should watch the Crash Course video below and/or study for your quiz over the Presidency.